Curate and Share: Tips and Tools for Survival in #Virtual300


Tips for Surving this “Wild” Class!

1. You’re scared of “new” journalism? Well, Kara Chiuchiarelli of The Marquette Tribune shows you how similar old school journalism is to new school journalism, even with all of our multmedia.

2. A quick definition of visual journalism from Amanda Farnsworth of the BBC.

3. See how Troy Thibodeaux basically created his dream job Associated Press. He is the new Interactive Newsroom Technology Editor and he calls his team programmer-journalists.

4. Here is a job description from The Roanoke Times looking for a visual journalist. I think it really shows how you will take everything you do in Virtual 300 with you into your career.

5. A simple guide to building infographics, timelines and maps from Natalia Mazotte at The University of Texas.

6. More about how to turn data related to your story into a visual element from Peter Verwejj at MemeBurn.

7. Having trouble thinking of an idea for your story? Meranda Watling from MediaBistro published not one, but two articles with great places to go to find story ideas.

8. Once you have a story idea you want to do a little planning before you start gathering your media. Know what you want to get before you go out and get it. Mark Glaser from PBS’s Media Shift teaches Storyboarding 101 in this article.

9. For things to go smoothly once your out gathering media you need to know your equipment. Jonathan Malt of KARE-11 in Minneapolis (The dream team of storytellers) says “Be so confident in your gear that you go to the next level and worry about the story, you don’t ever worry about the mechanics.”

10. And last but not least… relax! It will all be okay.


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