Review and Reflect: #Virtual300 and My Future


Understand various types and methods of digital publishing using text and multimedia elements, via the Web and mobile means.

My favorite lesson of digital publishing was with my mobile phone. One of our first assignments was to take pictures of local architecture via Instagram and link it to our Tumblr account. Once you get used to it, it becomes more fluid but keeping what you are posting where organized can be tricky. 

I think you really made us forget our legacy mediums while in class. I felt like you really got the point across that now Television and Print news is nothing without the online medium.

Be proficient in the use of social media and blogs for journalistic endeavors.

Using TweetChat during chapter presentations showed me how well I could interact with my classmates and get more out of the presentation then I would by just listening to the group lecture. I can see the value in using social media to obtain sources and story ideas and by giving my followers a hashtag, I can keep track of what is coming in.

Know the power players in the online journalism industry, as well as current industry trends.

I think reading the New York Times’ Snowfall showed me that they might be in the lead in the online journalism race. It showed that they really understand what viewers want out of an online piece better than any other outlet. 

By throwing us into areas of media that not everyone is comfortable with really showed how our generation of journalists has to know how to do everything in order to get a job. 

Fluidly incorporate multimedia elements into journalistic storytelling online.

I’ve learned how much multimedia that is not fluid will turn off a reader just by reading pieces done by the local media on their websites. I do wish that the preview option of WordPress worked more effectively with all elements of multimedia, that way I could be confident with what I am posting before I hit publish.

Through hands-on experience with as a content management system (CMS), be trained and prepared for student reporter/administrator staff positions at

Instead of just training students for, Virtual 300 has trained soon-to-be graduates who may be getting jobs where they need to know the in’s and out’s of WordPress daily. 

After I gathered all of my media for my eight stories and was ready to distribute it was when I really learned how to display my story in a reader-friendly way. It took less time for me to publish each story as I learned my way around WordPress. 


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